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"The worst failure is not to sink in the waves. The worst failure is to never get out of the boat." 🔹 Often in the story of Jesus and Peter walking on water, we learn from the fact that Peter focused on the waves instead of Jesus and then sank. While that is important, we also need to remember the other disciples - the fact that they didn’t even climb out of the boat. Taking a leap of faith - whether you sink or stand - requires actually jumping off and leaving your comfort spot. In order to truly follow Christ, you gotta leave the dock and get in the water.

  • Me:

    God, why do you keep on loving me no matter how many times I fail? I couldn't count the times that I've ran away from you and denied you. I always fail, but you keep on saying you love me. How could you love someone like me?

  • God:

    Because it's never about you, child. My love is not affected by your failures or achievements. I love you because I am a loving God and my love is unchanging. Nothing could ever separate you from my love- not even your biggest failures.

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